Ultimate Windows sponsored Billingham Stars

ULTIMATE WINDOWS-sponsored Billingham Stars continue to build for the coming season by tonight announcing the resigning of forward Craig Thurston.

Thurston’s arrival in November last year was a move long hoped for by Billingham fans as the ‘hometown boy’ pulled on a senior jersey for the first time in a career spent away from Teesside. Thurston’s junior days saw him ice for Newcastle and Bradford before he moved to Hull to begin his senior career. Sutton and Solway followed before Thurston crossed the Pond to join up with Cheyenne Stampede. He returned for brief stints at Hull Pirates and Manchester Phoenix, but was based largely in the States until his return to Billingham last year.

Thurston showed the Forum faithful that he is one of the fastest skaters in the Moralee Conference, and scored eight goals as he adjusted to life as a Star. Thurston is delighted to be back and says he is ready to get back to work… we are in turn delighted to see you back Craig, and ready to see you leave the opposition trailing in your wake!

The Stars will be making more player announcements in the coming days and weeks, as well as news about our Juniors.

Want to get involved? Ice hockey is growing in popularity like never before, with it’s profile raised due to the success of Great Britain gaining promotion to – and consequently staying in – the Elite group at the World Championships. The Stars offer a variety of sponsorship packages that can provide excellent value-for-money advertising and brand presence for local firms – get in touch with allen@flavellwelding.co.uk for more details.