Ultimate Windows sponsored Billingham Stars

ULTIMATE WINDOWS-sponsored Billingham Stars this evening announce the return of last season’s Captain, the hugely influential Michael Elder.

Another ‘original Star’, Elder has consistently put up the points for every one of his eight seasons on Teesside. Captain for the last two campaigns, Elder has had the unenviable task of leading the team through difficult times as the uneven nature of the Moralee Conference and an increased number of games took their toll, often facing the media when things were not going to plan. With Callum Davies announced last week, Elder may get the opportunity to resume an on-ice partnership that started in their junior days should the new coaches decide to reunite them!

Elder recognises that the last few seasons - and last year especially - have not been easy:

"After a very disappointing season on many fronts last year, I think there was a lot of hard decisions to be made leading up to this season from both players and management. After a extended break I’m looking forward to see what this year brings. As we all know there’s a new coaching set up in place and I’ve known both Michael and Stephen for a number of years. After a few conversations with them both over the summer, this season should be an exciting one. The team is looking to be shaping up nicely, and I know keeping the majority of core players is important for the coaching team. This year the League should be more balanced and competitive which is only a good thing for teams and fans entertainment. See you in September!"

Same back at you Mikey, see you in September!

The Stars will be making more player announcements in the coming days and weeks, as well as news about our Juniors.

Want to get involved? Ice hockey is growing in popularity like never before, with it’s profile raised due to the success of Great Britain gaining promotion to – and consequently staying in – the Elite group at the World Championships. The Stars offer a variety of sponsorship packages that can provide excellent value-for-money advertising and brand presence for local firms – get in touch with allen@flavellwelding.co.uk for more details.